This was originally an asteroids! it's in very good condition, though I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.

3/15/2008 Out of Storage and working on it again!

Leg levelers need to be pulled out and replaced, and new mounting brackets

Top right corner needed some Bondo!

After sanding and drilling leg leveler hole

Done with Leg Levelers

Let's pull out that old coindoor and give in a new coat of paint

Cabinet needs some touch up painting on the sides of the front, we'll spray paint all the small surfaces around the front side and around the monitor and speaker grill sides

Repaint the speaker grill

With new Vinyl from Looks awesome!

With the coindoor back in

Speaker Grill repainted and back in

Standing up


Side stripped of old paint and stickers and sanded down and filled.

Side after first coat of paint

Side after 2 coats of paint

Side after 2 coats in the light... maybe gloss black was a little too glossy.. though I like the reflection in the game.. kind of neat artistically.

Control Panel Plexi after being drilled

Pictures of Super Street Figher II, on the Vision Pro arcade VGA/SVGA monitor


control panel back on, with new overlay (from and plexiglass, and most buttons added... no joysticks yet


Artwork (from showing (not applied yet... just testing)...


Fully populted control panel with art work! Only thing is that front monitor plexiglass has to go... it's so scratched up!


Inside the control panel with the ultimarc IPAC encoder!

Game with sideart installed