Power up your team!

Paladin Group, LLC is a well respected provider of advanced technical classes dealing with Linux Administration and Computer/Network Security. We have licensed our course material and subcontracted our trainers to high profile training organizations in the Baltimore/Washington area since 2010. We can also directly train your organizations staff in your facilities or ours.

We currently offer the following classes:

  • Introduction to Binary Reverse Engineering with GHIDRA - NEW
  • Practical Reverse Engineering for Linux Adminstrators
  • Linux Systems Administration (Redhat focused)
  • Linux Systems Administration (Ubuntu focused)
  • Security concepts for IT workers (Security+ exam focused)
We also have the ability to create custom courseware to fit your needs.

Business Testimonial

Brian is a person with amazing ability to absorb technical knowledge/skills and deliver them to other engineers. He has the advantage that he has a real engineering background so he also knows how things function behind the scenes. You can only learn from Brian as he is one of those who studies for the pleasure of learning and sharing. In other words he is an excellent IT trainer

Eric Schlesinger
Vice President, Technology at PROTEUS Technologies