Thank you for your interest in Paladin Group, LLC a Maryland based Limited Liability Company doing business since 1998. At Paladin Group LLC we specialize in

  • Corporate training and evaluation Unix/Linux
  • Corporate training in reverse engineering
  • Corporate training in network security topics

We pride ourselves on our ability to translate advanced topics to a level that any IT worker or programmer can understand. Linux, network security and reverse engineering is NOT rocket science when you have the right instructors that actually understand what they are teaching.

Business Testimonial

Brian is a person with amazing ability to absorb technical knowledge/skills and deliver them to other engineers. He has the advantage that he has a real engineering background so he also knows how things function behind the scenes. You can only learn from Brian as he is one of those who studies for the pleasure of learning and sharing. In other words he is an excellent IT trainer

Eric Schlesinger
Vice President, Technology at PROTEUS Technologies